Wfica32 command line parameters linux

The Win32 and Win16 applications are called WFICAEXE and WFICAEXE, respectively. The UNIX/Linux application is simply called wfica, and the Macintosh . by executing the Java client from the command line, with the help of the JVM. . For a complete list of options, consult the "ICA Java Client. This article covers my solution to reproducing the same Linux behaviour in a Windows Note: You may want to also configure other options here, but these are the basic settings. Invoke-expression -Command:("C:\Program Files\Citrix\ ICA while(!(Get-Process wfica32 -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue)) {. Citrix Receiver for Linux (PDF Download). Documentation for this product version is provided as a PDF because it is not the latest version. For the most.



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